May 4, 2014

May the Fourth Be with You

Hey, guys! We have been busy, busy, busy lately, and we're excited for the chance to catch up and share with you all! It looks like spring has officially sprung, which is great for anyone who likes warm weather; as for us, we're already missing the cold! 

We have spent the past month preparing and rehearsing for the Lewis & Rauleron's 75th Anniversary Celebration. In spite of the scattered rainstorms (read: torrential downpour), we had an absolute blast, and if the show was any indication of how the rest of the month is going to go (we seriously hope it is!), then it looks like May will be great. As always, we'd like to give a massive thank you to our friend, co-conspirator, jack-of-all-trades, and guitarist, Frank Sikes, for practicing and putting up with us once again, and for letting us use his (extremely flammable) practice space, complete with goats, chickens, and cardboard cut out of Han Solo. We've never cuddled a chicken before (or sang with a goat judging us), but thanks to his miniature farm, we truly understand that the love of a bird is like no love we've ever had before, and that goats are truly judgmental creatures.

But before we start chasing a rabbit - well, a chicken - let's get back to the Anniversary Celebration. We really had a blast performing with Frank, and we are extremely grateful to Randall Broadhead and his crew from Sound Experiencing for running sound for us through a few thunderstorms. Not very many people can say that they spent their first few shows singing along with trains, but that's the fun part of living in a railroad town! Although it rained all afternoon, it certainly didn't dampen the appetites, as everyone enjoyed Coca-Cola's very own Mr. Terry Murray's famous chicken and sausage dogs, and lucky for us, he managed to save us a few drumsticks before everyone cleaned him out. We also were able to get up close and personal with the Shell-Pennzoil NASCAR race car and a Ferrari Indy car, which we were very tempted to "borrow" for a quick spin around the block. But alas, our efforts were in vain, and we were forced to admire it from as close as we could get for the rest of the day. There were two monster trucks as well, and we've yet to figure out how anyone gets inside them. We're determined to find out, and maybe try it for ourselves one day. 

Despite a few minor mishaps (including a very angry god of thunder who held up our sound check!), it was a day that we enjoyed immensely, and we always seem to learn a little bit more about patience, the importance of practice, and how necessary it is to be able to laugh at ourselves every time we perform. The rain could have sent us into a tailspin, but we've always had a particular taste for dancing in the rain, and the delays gave us the chance to meet everybody who came out to celebrate such an awesome time for a company we think of so highly because of the importance they place on family, community, and integrity in business.

Events like Lewis & Raulerson's 75th Anniversary Celebration give us the chance to talk about our OneHeart Project, through which we continually strive to increase awareness of poverty and need in our area. We will be placing another order for OneHeart t-shirts, which you can purchase by contacting us via Facebook or Twitter, calling or texting Allison Turner at 912 - 288 - 4048, or tracking one of us down in person. In the weeks ahead, we will be throwing a Beau + Luci Day at Waycross's very own Salon Cheveux, to rally together our friends and family in order to makes steps toward eradicating the poverty experienced by children and families in our area. We're extremely excited about Beau + Luci Day, and details will be posted as the time draws nearer, so make sure to check back and join us! For more information, or just to stop by and say hello, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, check out our website and share us with your friends so we can get the word out! Also, we would love if you would join us every Monday from 7 - 10 PM on the Pat Stone Radio Show chat room for good music and conversation, and to hear any exciting announcements firsthand. We hope to see you there, and thank you all so much for the love you send our way! We appreciate every single one of you more than you will ever know, because you are helping us change lives while making our dreams come true. 

Lots of love, 

Beau + Luci

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