February 23, 2014

Beau + Luci: Family, Friends, and Music

Waycross sisters/singer-songwriters, locally known as Anna Caitlin and Sara Brittin Turner, play by their own ‘Rules.’

Who are Beau + Luci? “Quiet, shy, family-oriented,” says Anna Caitlin (Luci), smiling at Sara Brittin (Beau), who shoots back, “homebodies.” Two sisters, finishing the others’ sentences, say traversing the country and music business together over the past few years has only brought them closer. They’ve written and recorded over 25 songs in studios on both coasts, released their debut EP “Rules of Society,” and amassed a small army of fans on Facebook and Twitter - all while working charity events and impromptu performances. Quiet, shy, homebodies… really?

Beau + Luci, daughters of David L. (President of Lewis & Raulerson, Inc.) and Allison Taylor Turner, granddaughters of James L. “Jimbo” and Marcia Taylor, and the late James H. “Jim” and Betty Turner, were born and raised in Waycross and began singing at their home church, Jamestown Baptist and were co-founding members of Crossroads Youth Worship Band. “We’re a very close family - best friends,” explains Beau. “Our younger brother, Braeden (affectionately named ‘The Manager’), has always been our greatest fan and most supportive friend,” continued Luci. All three siblings started first grade at Williams Heights Elementary, and Anna Caitlin and Sara Brittin went on to attend Ware County Magnet School until 2009, when all three students enrolled in K12 International Academy (iCademy).

Anna Caitlin and Sara Brittin began writing and recording in 2012 and made the first of many creative decisions - opting for their family nicknames, Beau and Luci, as professional pseudonyms - to simplify communication and to begin branding their music career. Additionally, the girls chose to use the “+” (plus sign) as a stylized “and”. Also in 2012, they began working with Australian singer-songwriter, Dana Stewart, through early morning and late night SKYPE sessions, “It’s not the easiest way to learn music,” explains Beau, “but it is always interesting learning from the Australian bush.” Beau + Luci have worked locally with Ware County High’s music teacher and choral director, Greta Lowery Thomas, and Frank Sikes, a local musician from Hortense. Laughing together, “We just never know what to expect with Frank,” says Luci. “He’s a great musician, always eager to help, and he always has lots of great stories to share!” continued Beau. “And Greta’s background in classical training has helped develop and encourage Beau + Luci’s natural abilities,” says “Momager” Allison of Mischief Managed, LLC.

In summer 2012, Beau + Luci travelled to Hollywood, California, to the rooftop studio of twin brothers Joel and Benji Madden of platinum album-selling band, Good Charlotte. “It was like another world,” remembers Luci. “Like…did we really do that? Or was it all a dream? But at the same time it was an awesome experience that we will never forget.” added Beau. The sisters worked with some of Good Charlotte’s producers to record their first originals, “Rules of Society,” “First Kiss,” and “Trouble with Cupid”, which are included in their debut EP. “There’s just no way to explain, walking into a studio with awards and music milestones on the walls, and then working with people who were part of it,” continues Luci.

Beau + Luci’s much anticipated EP “Rules of Society” was released in 2013 on iTunes and other download and streaming services. “Having our music released was an exciting accomplishment,” says Beau. “But we quickly realized it was only the beginning,” added Luci. After the west coast adventure and EP release, Beau + Luci began working with musician, writer, and producer, Mark Dowdy, who grew up in the industry touring and playing with Conway Twitty, George Jones, Barbara Mandrell, and many others. Mark has helped refine Beau + Luci’s sound to a more organic - rock, folk and country – indie pop mix at his Rivercrest Music studio in Gainesville. Dowdy explains, “Beau + Luci don’t do things by the book – all rules are just thrown out the window - but it works for them!”

Recently, Beau + Luci entertained the Big Brothers Sunday School Class’s Christmas party at Jamestown Baptist Church, and first ever “Sunday Night Show” at Blackshear Church of God. Accompanied by Frank Sikes (guitarist), Beau + Luci performed a set of acoustic Christmas songs and chatted with hostess Amy Evors, about their music, family life, inspiration, and future plans. “There’re many exciting things coming in 2014,” says Luci. “But right now, we’d like to announce our OneHeart Project.” Beau continued, “No matter how busy we are, there’re always opportunities to help in the community.”

To learn more about Beau + Luci, say ‘Hello,’ and get information about upcoming events, activities and announcements, find us at www.BeauAndLuci.com.

Originally published in the Waycross Journal-Herald (www.wjhnews.com) on Feb. 22, 2014.

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