December 19, 2014

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

There are exactly six days until Christmas, but it seems like yesterday was just before Thanksgiving! How time has flown! Of course, our schedule has kept us busy, but we couldn't be more excited; finishing off 2014 with a packed schedule only means that we'll be racing into 2015, with a kickoff in Daytona (hint, hint)!

We've been in the studio twice in the past month, racing to finish up tracks for a VERY exciting project which will be officially announced on Tuesday, January 6th, so make sure to "Like" our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram (BEAUandLUCI) to stay up to date! Remember to share us with your friends, coworkers, and even your dog, if you're dog is super tech-savvy and into social media and organic rock, indie pop, modern country sister-duos. 

We kicked off the Christmas season with a lovely party in our brand-new studio (thanks so much to Mr. Brian Fey of FEYS II Management for being so generous!) during the Blackshear Christmas Parade. We had a blast meeting fans, watching the parade, and eating cupcakes, which, if you were wondering, did taste as good as they looked! We're so grateful to Ann Lane of Cupcake Lane for making them...we really did enjoy them!

A few days after the Christmas party, we hit the road again, stopping off in Atlanta for meetings at Jan Smith Studios, where we'll be working with Heidi Higgins starting in January, before taking a quick pit stop in the North Georgia mountains, and then we headed to the studio to wrap up our newest (and exciting!) project, which we will expand upon shortly! As always, working with our dear friend and producer Mark Dowdy at Rivercrest Music Studios is hardly work at all, and we're absolutely bursting to share our new music + plans for 2015 with you! 

(For the record, we are NOT working on an album called Bohemian Rap-CD. But if we were, this would be the cover.)

Remember to check back next Tuesday, January 6th, for an exciting announcement! 

Wishing you the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of holidays, 


November 20, 2014

A Time of Thanksgiving

The holiday season has always been a special time for our family, despite the business that comes with it! We always find ourselves spending a bit more time together, laughing at jokes that might have gotten eye rolls a few months earlier, and, of course, putting in quite a few hours of decorating for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Christmastime is our largest undertaking, but there's something peaceful about bringing down the boxes full of autumn leaves, smiling scarecrows, and pumpkins that are just too pleasant to be included in the Halloween decorations. It only takes us a few hours to finish up, but we're always glad to have spent it together, with no sense of chaos and no deadlines to meet. 

At this time of the year, it's easy to get caught up in the rush. There are meals to prepare, family coming in, presents to buy and wrap (hopefully before Christmas Eve, though we've all been there!), and something always goes wrong, whether the turkey is still frozen when it's time to eat, or there's a squirrel in the Christmas tree, a la National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (fingers crossed none of us have to deal with such a thing, though it would add some excitement!), and without fail, we all have our "Cousin Eddie" adventures over the holidays. 

Even if nothing goes wrong at all, we oftentimes find ourselves at New Year's, wondering how November and December flew by so quickly. After all, it's supposed to be August, right? But whether you're so full of holiday spirit that you've been playing Christmas songs nonstop since November 1st at 12:01 AM, or if you're still insisting that "It's only November, turn that off!", we hope that you'll take a moment in the middle of the hustle and bustle and realize that, hey, life is good, family is crazy (but that's okay), and there's really so much to be thankful for.  

It is the most wonderful time of the year, after all. 

November 17, 2014

November, It's Nice to See You

Well, it's been a rather dreary Monday for us, but sometimes it takes a bit of rain to make us settle down for a few minutes and take a breath! The BEAU + LUCI team has been busy this weekend, working (and, of course, playing!) hard in Gainesville, Georgia and Miami, Florida, with more travel on the horizon! 

First off, we played at the Okefenokee Regional Fair on Thursday (November 13th), and we had an absolute blast! The crowd was awesome, and the view of the Ferris Wheel from the stage wasn't that bad, either! Once again, we are so grateful to our band for being so incredible and making things so much easier, funnier, and more interesting. 


After the show Thursday, we hit the road. We were in studio Friday evening and Saturday morning, where we began working on new music! We always have a blast at Rivercrest Music Studio, working with Mark and Graham Dowdy, and this was no exception. We can't wait to head back up and finish up! 

We only wish we could have been in two places at once, so we could have gone to the Homestead-Miami Speedway Nationwide Race and cheered on our favorite driver, Jeremy Clements (#51). We cheered him on from the studio, though, and in Athens later, and Brian did a fabulous job representing the BEAU + LUCI team in the pits, alongside our incredible publicist and sponsorship director, Kari! We can't wait to meet Jeremy in person, and to partner with him and his team in 2015!

We spent Saturday night between the hedges at Sanford Stadium, cheering on the Dawgs and doing a little bit of freezing! It was a great game, though, and we're always grateful for the time with our family!

We hope you guys have a wonderful week! Wishing you lots of love and holiday cheer (yes, we know it's only November, but it's practically Christmas, at least in Luci's mind!), 


November 9, 2014

Let's Catch Up

We're back!! After some extended, unexpected technical problems (for something that's supposed to make life easier, technology can be difficult!), we've finally got our blog back, and we have quite a bit of catching up to do!! 

First off, we went to Macon to film a segment for Studio 41 Entertainment News, hosted by Mr. Joey Stuckey on NBC Channel 41. You can watch our segment here! Make sure to check it out and let us know what you think of the song ("Mosaic"), which will be included on our upcoming EP titled MOSAIC! We want to say again how grateful we are to Joey Stuckey, and Macon brothers, Bob and Ron Holland, with the Georgia Music Channel, for this opportunity!

We also played at the JFly Music Festival at Phoenix Park in downtown Waycross in September, and we had such a blast performing, the crowd was awesome, and it was so nice to see Waycross-native JFly again!

We took a mini-vacation to St. Augustine for the Georgia - Florida game, and while the game didn't go exactly like we wanted it to, we had a lovely stay, and got some much-needed family time, not to mention a pirate tour with the debonair Captain Jack Sparrow from The Pirate Store. The man is a charmer, that's for sure!  As always, we enjoyed our favorite restaurants in downtown St. Augustine, O.C. White's and Kookaburra Coffee Shop.

This past Thursday (November 6th) we were thrilled to have the opportunity to help out at the Lewis & Raulerson - Friendly Express 14th Annual Charity Golf Tournament on Jekyll Island Golf Club. It was a beautiful day for golf, Coca Cola's Mr. Terry Murray's special secret recipe grilled chicken and sausage dogs, a wonderful lunch catered by Southern Soul BBQ, from St. Simons Island, and the chance to witness firsthand the giving heart of Lewis and Raulerson and Friendly Express. 

Also, we found out just this morning that our song "Fire" (which will also be included on our EP "MOSAIC") topped October's "Most Heard" Charts on UK Country Radio! We are so excited and completely blown away!! 

And last but not least, make sure to put it on your calendars: we'll be playing at the Okefenokee Fair Grounds on November 13th, from 7:00 - 9:00 PM! Be sure to come out, ride some rides, and check us out! We hope to see you there!!

Enjoy a few more pictures of our shenanigans (including a mind-blowing time at the One Direction/5 Seconds of Summer concert in Tampa, Halloween decorating, a bit of silliness with beautifully terrifying masks, and some time spent in the stocks), and have a wonderful Sunday!! 


BEAU + LUCI at the Kookaburra Cafe, St. Augustine)

Even the best pirates get caught sometimes...

Outside Joffrey's Coffee in Ybor City, FL

Halloween decorations!!

Keep Calm and Spook On :)

September 15, 2014

Beau + Luci OneHeart Project "Bare Necessities Drive" Partners with the JFly Musical Festival

The BEAU + LUCI OneHeart Project will be launching a “Bare Necessities Drive” from September 15th – November 15th, starting with official collection sites in Waycross/Ware County (SunTrust Bank, YMCA, Plant Café, Salon Cheveux, McDonald’s, and Chamber of Commerce) and Blackshear/Pierce County (Garden Café, McDonald’s, and Chamber of Commerce). See attached posters for guidelines for donations and the list of needed items for charity beneficiaries.

BEAU + LUCI will be also be partnering with Waycross-native Jorel "JFly" Flynn and his "How Big Is Your Dream?! Foundation" at the 6th Annual JFly Musical Festival in Waycross, Georgia on September 27th, which will feature the BEAU + LUCI OneHeart Project as beneficiary for a special day of “Bare Necessities Collection Drive” and the debut of  their original OneHeart Anthem. This special event will highlight the collection drive for non-perishables and basic necessities as detailed on the BEAU + LUCI website and Facebook Page, as well as a special guest appearance by BEAU + LUCI as they debut their OneHeart Project anthem.

Please see the attached posters detailing the needed items, all of which will go directly to grassroots beneficiaries. BEAU + LUCI want to thank everyone for their support of and encouragement for the BEAU + LUCI OneHeart Project, and it is their hope that their friends, family, and followers will band together to raise supplies, funds, and awareness for local charities, food banks, missions, and philanthropic organization.

August 19, 2014


Most of the time, when someone is asked about their definition of a superhero, they'd say something about strength, speed, Batcaves, or super-soldier serum. We'll admit, that's what comes to our minds first. We spend a lot of time watching movies or television shows and reading comic books about men and women who have been subjected to scientific testing or nuclear radiation, or blessed with way-above-average intelligence and a knack with engineering and building super-suits, and that's okay, because everyone needs to believe in superheroes. We do. But we also know that there are some people who don't have super-suits, haven't been part of a super-soldier program, and who don't turn into giant green rage monsters, yet they display the same, if not more, strength, courage, and selflessness in life. They and the causes they use their superpowers for don't always get the recognition they deserve, mostly because they don't ask for it. They just do it. 

One of those superpowers is a dear family friend named Jason Rogers, who will be making a 3,100 mile triathlon from Seattle, Washington to Jacksonville, Florida, to raise support and awareness for childhood cancer and Mattie's Mission, a charity set up in memory of the sweet Mattie Elizabeth Goble. We have been so inspired by the Goble family's journey and the strength of their faith, and we know that you will, too. You can donate here at the website, and you can support the Tri4Mattie with your prayers as well! Read on for more information about Tri4Mattie, Mattie's Mission, and Jason, and make sure to "like" Mattie Goble's Prayer Team and the Tri4Mattie pages on Facebook. 

About Tri4Mattie

In August of 2014, Jason Rogers, a Mattie’s Mission board member, is planning a triathlon from Seattle, WA to Jacksonville, FL known as Tri4Mattie. This 3100-mile trip will involve swimming, biking, and running across the United States and should take approximately 33 days to complete. This trip will be in memory of 6 year old Mattie Goble and in support of Mattie’s Mission. The trek will involve an RV, support vehicle and multiple support staff. Major cities along the journey will include:

·         Seattle, Washington
·         Billings, Montana
·         Omaha, Nebraska
·         St. Louis, Missouri
·         Nashville, Tennessee
·         Huntsville, Alabama
·         Atlanta, Georgia
·         Waycross, Georgia
·         Jacksonville, Florida

Jason Rogers is from Waycross, GA. In 2011 he completed a cross-country bicycle ride of 2700 miles from San Diego, CA to St. Simons Island, GA in support of the Wounded Warrior Project. The ride raised funds and awareness for our wounded military men and women.  In 2013 he completed a ride from Key West, FL to Canada that was a total distance of 2200 miles. This ride was in support of the Waycross, GA YMCA Camp Reveille, a camp for underprivileged children in the Waycross area.

The triathlon across America will raise funds for Mattie’s Mission while also creating awareness for childhood cancer and allow us to share the love of Christ outside of our home state of Georgia. The ride is scheduled to start on the 24th of August in Seattle, WA and is scheduled to finish in Jacksonville, FL in late September during Childhood Cancer Awareness month. 

Mattie’s Mission board members are currently seeking sponsors for Tri4Mattie. We appreciate your consideration in supporting this worthy endeavor in any way you see possible. If you have any questions, please contact or

Mattie's Mission

Childhood cancer is the number one disease killer of America’s children. Mattie’s Mission is a 501c3 non-profit organization that has been formed in memory of Mattie Goble.

In February of 2013, Mattie Elizabeth Goble, 5 years old, was diagnosed with DIPG, an inoperable and incurable form of brain cancer. Mattie fought her battle with much grace and with the utmost childlike faith in our God.  On November 16, 2013 at 6 ½ years old she completed her earthly journey. The core purposes of Mattie’s Mission are to promote the love of Jesus Christ, to support families enduring journeys through childhood cancer, and to fund research and create awareness for childhood cancer.

Through generous donations and support, Mattie's Mission has been able to help multiple local families in their fight with childhood cancer. Mattie's Mission has hosted several community events and fundraisers to support its core purposes, and Tri4Mattie is an extension of that attempt to raise money and awareness to fight childhood cancer.

To learn more about Mattie's Mission, and to find out how you can join the fight again childhood cancer, please visit us at and like us on Facebook below.

August 18, 2014

The Club

What a weekend!! Well, what a month, to be honest! We would be remiss if we started this blog out without a massive thank you to our band. We've had a lot of long practices and late nights, and we can't thank our guys enough for all their hard work, patience, and support while preparing for our first shows as a band. We loved every minute of it...even the ones with the bad jokes and mild MASSIVE anxiety attacks.

We spent Friday night on St. Simons Island at the Club at Bennie's Red Barn, from 9 PM to 1 AM, and we had an absolute blast hanging out with our incredible band and family and spending the night doing what we love at one of our favorite places on the island! There are no words to truly describe how grateful we are for every opportunity to sing, and we have had such a great time getting to know the fans and followers who travel to see us as often as they can! We want to give a huge thank you to Wayne and Holly Thompson, Kyce, Chris, Lacey, Chip, and William for taking such good care of us and giving us the opportunity to play at the Club! We can't wait to come back. 

Our next scheduled show is September 6th at Moccasin Creek Off Road Park in Blackshear, Georgia. Keep checking back for more details as the date draws closer, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and join the mailing list on our official website to be the first to know about shows, releases, and other insider perks, as well as to hear advanced previews of five songs from our upcoming EP release! 

 (From right to left: Frank Sikes (guitar), Logan Inman (guitar), Beau + Luci, Jacob Highsmith (drums), Drew  Crawford (bass).)
(Beau + Luci with the legend himself, Chip Wilson, of Bennie's Red Barn!) 

August 11, 2014

Second Sunday

WHAT a weekend!! Ours started on Thursday, with an interview with ESPN Coastal Radio (790 AM and 103.7 FM Coastal Georgia, 1400 AM and 104.3 Savannah and Hilton Head, and 1350 AM Waycross),  in Brunswick, Georgia. We had such a blast with Mark and Jackie, and we're so grateful for the opportunity to talk about our music! The interview aired Saturday, August 9th, and Sunday, August 10th, at 12 AM, and we did do a bit of squealing when we heard ourselves on ESPN radio! 

On Friday, we played at the Downtown Waycross Market with our band, and we made it through the entire show before the storm came! We seem to have a magnetic appeal to thunder storms, but maybe it's just what happens when you play during the summer in the South! The breeze was nice, too, and we're so grateful to everyone who came out despite the weather! We'll be sure to learn an anti-rain dance before the next show. 

We had another show on Sunday, on St. Simons, for Second Sunday. We love being on the island, and Second Sunday is an incredible event that supports local charities, and we want to thank Wayne Thompson especially for giving us the chance to play! Along with great music and a gorgeous view of the ocean, we had a wonderful meal and got to enjoy two bands before we went on. We were unable to finish our set because of a storm (which, ironically, started during Bad Moon Rising!), but we want to thank everyone who stuck it out as long as possible to hear us! We're sorry we got cut short, but we had a great time, and we're so grateful for the opportunity to play for such a great cause, and for everyone who gave of their time and resources to make Second Sunday happen.  

This next week will be packed with practices as we prepare for our show at The Club at Bennie's Red Barn on St. Simons this Friday, August 15th, from 9 - 1 AM. We look forward to seeing you there, and to a great time at one of our favorite places! 

Lots of love,

Beau + Luci

(From left to right: Jacob (drums), Logan  (guitar), Luci (vocals), Beau (vocals), Frank (guitar), Drew (bass).)

July 23, 2014

The Farm Benefit at The Club at Bennie's Red Barn

We had an awesome time last Sunday, July 20th, when we had the opportunity to play at a benefit for The Farm, which is located on St. Simons Island, hosted by The Club at Bennie's Red Barn. The Farm is a rescue, rehabilitation, retirement, and hospice home for animals who need a healthy, happy place to live and be loved and cared for. We had an absolute blast, and knowing that we were doing something to help these innocent creatures who spend their entire lives loving their humans only made it more fun!  

The Farm has animals of all sorts, including horses, cows, goats, geese, chickens, sheep, cats, dogs, and rabbits, and the volunteers and kind souls who run the place dedicate their time, energy, and resources to caring for these animals. Volunteers are always welcomed at The Farm to give some love to these sweet animals! They also have an open house most Sunday afternoons from 2 - 4 PM Eastern time, though other visits are by appointment only, so you can get to know some of the animals on The Farm. 

And of course, we would be remiss not to mention Tunsis himself! Tunsis is a very large goat who runs The Farm on his own terms and schedule. If he's in the mood, you might be able to meet Tunsis while visiting The Farm.  Tunsis is very opinionated and lets everyone who enters The Farm know that they are on his turf and must do things on "Tunsis Time," as the fundraiser T-shirts showcase - all in good humor - because Tunsis is loved by all who visit and volunteer.

However, if volunteering doesn't fit into your schedule, or if you live too far away to make it to the island, you can make a tax deductible donation to make sure these animals get the love and care they deserve! And if you just aren't an animal person, The Farm utilizes many skills of volunteers for keeping it running smoothely, safely and effectively, so think outside of the box and put your skills to work at The Farm. We can't wait to head over and volunteer ourselves. 

We're so grateful to Wayne Thompson and everyone who made it possible for us to be involved in such an incredible event for this great cause. The Club at Bennie's Red Barn, did a fantastic job putting this event together, and we can't wait to head back down to St. Simons to play again!  Make your plans now for 2nd Sunday at Gascoinge Bluff on Aug. 10th, 2014 from 1pm - 7pm; we'll be there for another great fundraiser! 

Lots of love,

Beau + Luci