July 2, 2013

Happy (Early!) Independence Day

While it might not be the 4th yet, today feels like Independence Day to me! School is officially done, I survived Economics, and the rest of the summer awaits. Our family will be spending the 4th at my great-aunt and uncle's lake house in South Carolina, where we will eat entirely too much, race go-karts (if you think Monopoly tears families apart, you obviously haven't seen us on a go-kart track!), and make things explode...erm, I mean, set off fireworks.

We'd like to know: what are your Fourth of July traditions? What was the most memorable Fourth of July celebration for you? We've come to the unanimous decision that last year's Independence Day was the most memorable; we spent the day at Long Beach and a hamburger stand exploded. It really gave the night a new excitement.

Anyways, have fun, be careful, and always remember the men and women who have sacrificed their lives so we can live in the Land of the Free. 'Murica.

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